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Does it Hurt? (Folly X.O. Press)

Through a series of lyrical essays, Kaleena Madruga's Does It Hurt? confronts the meaning of both internal and external pain - how to discuss it, live with it, understand it, and in the end how to surpass it. Her journey of introspection traverses heartbreak and depression, survives the trial of a female body in agony, and ultimately finds a way to respond honestly to the question she has been asked over and over since childhood: does it hurt?

Literary Magazines

Two Aliens (Crazyhorse, November 2021)

Nerves (Pile Press, October 2021)

Emily Sweet is a F*cking Idiot (Feels Blind, January 2021)

Lobsters (3Moon, January 2021)

A Thesaurus (Interstellar, January 2021)

Born (Conium Review, December 2020)

Speak Softly, Do Well (Low Theory, December 2020)

Bad Luck (Pest Control, November 2020)

Seasonal Affective Disorder (ARC, November 2020)

Two Essays (MAKE, November 2020)

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