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What a Cutie

Updated: Aug 17, 2021


I think the best thing that happened to me recently was my transformation. Before I completely changed, I was very stressed about all kinds of things. Now, though, my days are filled with little walks and cozy naps. I have tiny little legs and a very big head, but that seems to make people like me more. Before, I was actually much more proportional, but I had too much pressure in my life. I had to style myself in a nice way, dress myself in all kinds of different clothes, and decorate my face. Interacting with people was more difficult because I was not just trying to impress them, but they were also trying to impress me! People are funny like that.

Now I just walk outside with my little legs and my big head and people smile at me. Sometimes they say “awe!” or “what a cutie!”, which is so nice. I think I’ll get tired of hearing it eventually, but not yet.

Before my transformation my relationship was a lot more work. My boyfriend and I got into arguments about listening and compromising and our future. But now, we don’t argue at all. Before, he would make us dinner and we’d sit and talk and drink wine and eat our food. I would do the dishes, most nights. I tried to help. Now he puts my dinner in a bowl and puts it on the floor. Then he goes to play video games.

We used to sleep in the same bed, spooning, like couples do. But now he says that my hair bothers him, so I have to sleep in the living room. Thankfully, my ears are way better than they were before, so I can hop off the couch before he comes out of the room and sees me. He always looks at the hair on the couch and shakes his head, but he never says anything to me.

Our relationship is very different now, but we still have our walks! He let me pick out a leash, my favorite color: red. He even got me a harness so my neck doesn’t hurt if I get too excited. That’s the one thing that hasn’t changed about our relationship. I always had a tendency to run ahead and leave him behind. I think he likes the fact that he can pull on me a little bit.

I don’t think my boyfriend is a jealous person, not too much\. Before, when I was more proportional and went on less walks, sometimes men would hit on me, but not really. This actually made me more insecure about my appearance. Was I getting old? Less attractive? Why didn’t anyone else like me? But now I don’t have to worry about that at all! People are always pleased by me. I think my boyfriend just has less patience now than before, that’s all. People are always stopping us and saying: “is that a boy or a girl?” and he will say, “girl.”

“What’s her name?” they’ll ask, and he will say: “Sofia.” And they will squeal and ooh and ahh over me until my boyfriend decides to pull me away. I think people would be even more drawn to me if I wore a sweater or some kind of accessory, but my boyfriend won’t buy me one.

My dreams are different. I am always running and chasing something that I just can’t grab. My little legs will twitch, and I’ll grumble and groan in my sleep.

Tonight my boyfriend left the door open just a crack, so I nudge my way in and I sneak up next to him. He smells nice and his body is warm. I try to make myself into a little spoon to his big one, but it just doesn’t work. So instead I lay near his feet. I try to shut my big ears off so I can relax and get a good night’s sleep. He rolls over, he grumbles and groans like me. He whines just a bit. I feel his feet twitching under me, he’s chasing something, too. I wonder what it could be.

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